About Cereal Milk Mixxers

Your favorite cereal milks are just a spoonful away!

The best things in life aren’t complicated.

We are pleased to introduce to you The Original Cereal Milk Mixxers – bringing the taste of your very favorite cereals to nutritious milk. Always the final treat in any good bowl of cereal is the yummy milk left in the bottom. Now you can have it fresh any time, simply stir a tablespoon of The Original Cereal Milk Mixxers in cold milk and enjoy! And really, aren’t you ready for a fun and tasty change of pace?

Sure Chocolate and Strawberry flavored milks are fun but when it’s time to get your blast on try the Original Cereal Milk Mixxers..that taste just like your favorite cereals you love with no cereal box required!

The Original Cereal Milk Mixxers are available in three classically loved cereal flavors: Cinnamon Crunch, Frosted Flake, and Peanut Butter Cup.

Enjoying a glass of the Original Cereal Milk Mixxers is as easy as…